Search optimization

Everyone knows that a good place is one of the most important factors that make a business successful. Search engine optimization is about helping your business get a better place online. Search engine optimization includes keyword construction, site map registration, and feed operations, all of which are essential to improving your website’s ranking in search engines.

Website Search Engine Registration

Search engine registration is the beginning of online marketing, a service that registers your information with a specific search engine so that your website can appear as a search result. Even if there is a company website, communication with the customer will be closed unless the search engine is registered.

Only through search engine registration, the site is reflected in web search results, and it is used as the most basic and important online marketing tool for business operators because it can be permanently exposed with low registration cost.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

An abbreviation for search engine marketing, it is the service that exposes your company’s site or product first when searching for a specific word in search engines such as google, yahoo, and bing. As a result, by driving potential customers to visit your homepage,
you will be able to promote your products and company, as well as assist buyers and market development. Search engine marketing is an effective method of online marketing, including keyword advertising and search engine optimization.

A Complete Online Selling Tool​

This is an advertising method that promotes your homepage and attracts visitors to your target audience by exposing your target site to the top of the first page of your search engine when searching for your keywords. There are two main types of billing: cpc (billing per click) ads and cpt (competitive bidding). Keyword advertising is one of the most basic advertising methods in online marketing, which can drive the most effective traffic for a short time and at low cost.